Family Photos

Martin, Ida, Gwen. Circa 1901
Ida Wilfred Christine Gwen Kenneth Isabel 1907
William Gertrude Harold Annie Wilfred Edith 1876
Isabel and Wilfred Circa 1890
Wilfred and Isabel Circa 1910
Christine Ida Kenneth Circa 1905
Christine and Isabel 1907
Kenneth at Sidcot School III Form 1909
Family Christmas Card 1904
Wilfred and Family 1898
William Circa 1880
Gertrude Circa 1885
Wedding Day Gertrude Wilfred Alice Isabel Edith Agnes 1888
Edith Circa 1880
Annie Circa 1876
Isabel Wilfred Christmas Card 1900
Wallis Family 1968
Margaret Southall
Wilfred with Penny Farthing Circa 1875
Ida Circa 1907